(’00 Drama and Communications) EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JANNETTE ZORRILLA (’93 Drama and Communications) review a script for Braxton’s story.DIRECTOR JONATHAN RICO (’08 Film, Theatre and Communication Arts) at work in the control room during a newscast.(from right) EXECUTIVE PRODUCER RHONDA GRZYCH (’94 Drama and Communications) and
PRODUCER DANNAH KIRBY (’09 Film, Theatre and Communication Arts) discuss the rundown, which shows the order and format of all of the stories in a newscast.MANAGING EDITOR NANCY DECORTE
(’81 Drama and Communications)
answers a call at the assignment desk. She is responsible for dispatching reporters and photojournalists to their assignments in the field.(from left) EDITOR BRITTANY BONDY (’10 Film, Theatre and Communication Arts),
DIRECTOR JONATHAN RICO (’08 Film, Theatre and Communication Arts) and EDITOR ANDREW RUMORE (’06 Film, Theatre and Communication Arts) gather outside of the edit
suites where the stories that will air during the newscast are digitally assembled.VARIOUS TELEVISION NEWS AWARDS COMPETE FOR SPACE ON MIKEL SCHAEFER’S DESK.PHOTOJOURNALIST TRAVIS ALFORD (“00 Drama and Communications) and REPORTER NATASHA ROBIN (’00 Drama and Communications) confer about a story in the field.(from left) seated: Ashley Sentilles, Brittany Bondy, Andrew Rumore and Dannah Kirby. standing: Jonathan Rico, Rhonda Grzych and Nancy DeCorte(from left) seated: Allison Braxton, Mikel Schaefer and Natasha Robin. standing: Greg Foster, Meredith Dickey, Jannette Zorrilla and Travis Alford
WVUE-TV, the Fox affiliate in New Orleans, produces eight and a half hours of news each weekday—the most of any station in the city. If you watch that  coverage for even a few minutes, chances are some portion of it was supervised, reported, recorded, written or edited by at least one UNO graduate. With a  number of alumni playing integral roles—including four of the six newsroom managers—the Fox 8 news team has a powerful Privateer presence.